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Faith requires courage. But how is courage found in times as confusing and dangerous as these? With all of the opinions of the world hurled at you with ever increasing volume and anger, the courage to stand for your faith is not something that you simply wake up with. It must be found. It must be developed. It must be maintained.

Author and musician Kyle C Jacobs explores how The Book of Mormon is the roadmap to courageous discipleship. Through scriptures, the words of the prophets, and personal examples he shows how truly relating to The Book of Mormon and finally understanding that it was written for your day will unlock the courage within you to stand for the right, even when others seem to be falling. As a companion to the musical album "Speaking From the Dust", Connecting to Courage demonstrates how the lives of Book of Mormon heroes directly apply to you in the here and now.

Heartwarming, unapologetic, and at times hilarious, Connecting to Courage will have you reading the Book of Mormon in a way you never have before. It will help you see yourself within its pages and finally understand that the problems faced in its day are the same as the problems faced today. Because of this, you will also understand the solution is also the same: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Connecting to Courage (paperback)

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