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About Speaking From The Dust

Did you know that you are in the Book of Mormon? 


No really, you're right there in black and white. I can see you. You just may not see it yet. And you're not alone. It's tough to see ourselves in this life-changing book because it's hard to relate to people and customs from so long ago. 

Are you bullied at school? Do you feel hopeless in this crazy world? Then you need to hear from Alma the Younger and Mormon.

I wrote these songs to make the connections between their day and ours in a way that is memorable and decidedly un-stuffy! Their stories are our stories. Their struggles are our own.


When we can finally relate to them, our courage to live the gospel will explode as we finally realize that the answers we've been searching for are right in front of us. 

Don't believe me? Just push play....


But wait, there's more...

Have you discovered Connecting to Courage, the companion book that supports each song found in Speaking From The Dust? 

This book dives deeper into the connections between the stories in the Book of Mormon and your own life. It also explores the insight that I gained while writing these songs that changed my life forever. Click the link to get even deeper into Speaking From The Dust.

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